About us

"Our slogan: emotion"

“Pathos (from the greek word πάσχειν “paschein”, literally “emotion”) is one of the two forces that regulate the human soul according to the greek thinking. Pathos corresponds with the irrational part of soul”.

Our slogan is emotion: from this word we chose our company name.

We are a company located in Italy, Conegliano Veneto close to Venice, specialized in organization of events and weddings in Venice and surroundings areas including rustic villas in the Veneto region, a chest of artistic and architectural treasures and is very rich in food and wine traditions. This richness allows us to create  unforgettable events:care for details, passion, inspiration and elegance are the basic points of our work.

Thanks to our professional experience we study, plan and prepare each customized Italian style special events, in accordance with the  budget you will set.


Two sisters – One company


Elisa Brescacin is the company creative mind with excellent organizational and relational skills. With a natural attitude as Flower Designer, she creates elegant and fine setting ups with the use of natural colors and materials.

Erika Brescacin is a dynamic, eclectic and emphatic person.  She is always able to identify critical points and their possible solutions with no stress. She an optimist person, who loves travelling and collect all emotions that people and environment convey to reproduce them in the company projects in an original way.

From London






Alessandra Di Furia is the collaborator from London. She is  our point of contact between England and Italy. Alessandra is offering our clients assistance from  start to the end  from planning the whole event to translations of final paperwork.



Wedding Planner and Event Designer course at the Institute La Libellula in Milan
Floral Designer course in Rome given by Federfiori – National Federation of Florists
Wedding Planner Master for professionals in Verona given by Federfiori – National Federation of Florists
Sales engineering course in Treviso given by AFC Formazione
Tutor at the specialization course for Wedding Planner in Venice at the Institute IED –European Design Institute
Tutor at the specialization course in Corporate Event Management in Venice at the Institute IED –European Design Institute

Pathos Eventi